NEW Reusable Nappy Wallet - Larger Size - Multiple Children - Older Children / Young Adults

Launching in 2020!

Everyone loves our standard Nappy Wallet so much we thought it was only fair to make a wallet that holds everything needed for those cloth bum babies!



Bigger in size to hold either pre stuffed reusable nappies or the components needed to make a nappy up when changing. 

The zipper pocket is waterproof on the inside so perfect for reusable wipes (only if they are damp!). 

Two poppers on the closure means the wallet will expand depending on how much is inside. 

The best part is you can have a matching dirty bag!!


The wallet is also perfect for multiple children, as it is very roomy. Also this may be very useful for older children and young adults. 


Here is what a customer had to say about it ...
'I love it thanks!! 2 fully stuffed nappies, a change of tights & vest & 5 wipes,it fits so well, with room for extra clothes if I need!! This is perfect for throwing on the bottom of the pram if we’re just popping to the park or into town. You’re a genius, thank you so much!! xx'





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