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Midi Bags 15x30cm / Inhaler & Spacer Bags

Midi Bags 15x30cm / Inhaler & Spacer Bags

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You have arrived at our beautiful selection of Midi Bags / Inhaler & Spacer Bags

Just select the design you love, if its not in stock its likely to be back soon as we do restock regularly. 

We make our bags in 5 sizes

Mini Bag 15x15cm

Midi Bag 15x30cm

Maxi Bag 30x30cm

Mega Bag 30x60cm

Mini Bags are ideal for 


  • Bottles
  • Reusable Straws and Cutlery
  • Snacks
  • Medicines
  • Alco gel & Masks
  • Inhalers

and many more things...


All our bags are water resistant and machine washable. They are perfect for swimming (please ensure costumes are wrapped in a towel), toys, spare clothes, wellies, snacks, juice bottles and more!


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Did you know?

Everything is made by US, in Cannock, West Midlands