You need a Nappy Wallet

Pretty & Practical our Award Winning Nappy Wallets just make changing time so much easier for everyone!

Made by us, with love - in the West Midlands.

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How do our Nappy Wallets work?

Who are we?

Hey, im Katy! Im founder, designer & maker at Niamhs Neverland. Im mum to three gorgeous girls who inspire me daily and support me through the rollercoaster of running a business!

Niamhs Neverland came about nearly 6 years ago when my eldest was small, after a need for organisation!

The Nappy Wallet was beginning and alot has follwed since then.

We are unique in that we sew everything ourselves, in Walsall, West MIdlands by Mum & Nan Duo!

I ocassionally pop some things on my blog too you can learn more about us and see what were up to!


  • "Must Have"

    Must haves are definitely a nappy wallet, change mat (especially to put over the change stations in public loos!) And a couple of regular size wet bags- one for clean clothes and one for dirty stuff on the change bag. Then a couple of small wet bags for things like Calpol and dummies. Stops them getting all sticky in side the change bag!

  • "We love Blankets"

    Blankets they have been used for years and will continue too..

    Bags so many uses and they last so well (I still buy more though 😂)

    Inhaler wrap holder (we will get many nursery and I’m sure school years out of it)

  • "Long Lasting"

    We have not had to replace a single item, the big muslins we love still, the kids are 2 and 3 and use them for picnics inside atm but we love them in the summer for a light cover when sleeping for comfort. Also our winter blankets are used and washed constantly, we have so many bags that are constantly used too ❤