What are our products used for ?

Here at Niamhs Neverland you will see a range of wonderfully helpful and very pretty accessories!

All of these are designed and made by Katy, mum of two, with lots of help from her mum Karen. 

Katy designs all the accessories wanting them to be pretty and practical!


Here are a few ideas of what our accessories are used for, all photos are from awesome customers!

Here is the beautiful Aubrey modelling the foxy nappy wallet! 

Our nappy wallets are perfect as they lay lovely on the changing station next to baby! The hold everything needed for multiple bum changes too! 


Our Clean & Dirty Bags have lots and lots of uses!  - This customer uses hers for her portable potty - or Potette! 


Mini Bags are fantastic for everything! First aid kits & medicines, teething toys, food jars, snacks the list is endless! 

Our Spacer & Inhaler Wallets do exactly what they say. No need to worry about them getting lost or dirty - these wallets keep them safe and clean.

Did you know our Car Seat Blankets fit over baby perfectly when in the car seat! The tuck in nicely around the sides keeping them snug and warm. Perfect for both a carry car seat and a fixed car seat!