Back to School 2022

Back to School 2022

Well that was a jam packed Summer! 

Ive juggled the business and the kids for nearly 5 years, but this Summer definitely tested my limits. Im finding increasingly harder to occupy Niamh (6) and work during this holidays. BUT.. we survived.. and now they are BOTH at school!

Aubrey started Nursery, 30 hours, this year. It seems like my little baby has disappeared and is now buried in an oversized school jumper, more than happy to go and colour. 

Image - Aubrey on her first day at school

I have been very lucky in that she has adjusted to Nursery very well, especially having very little experience of child care settings. 

She's quite happy to go an play for the day, but always says she's happy when i 'come back'

Niamh didn't settle as well unfortunately. There was definitely some anxiety after so many weeks off. Personally i think nearly 7 weeks was way too long, and causes a-lot of anxiety for children who worry about the new classroom, teacher and workload. 

Luckily after a few weeks we seem to have settled in, and this week all was well on the Monday school run!

For me its a huge change, i've had a child or two with me every day for 6.5 years! i couldn't remember what life was like without a child hanging on to my leg, watching me on the toilet or pinching my food!

Image - me with Aubrey as a baby working 

Some of the things i have been really enjoying during the day when the children are at school 

1. Eating alone

2. Eating chocolate in public - alone

3. Hearing a pin drop

4. Putting petrol in alone

5. Going in a shop without a mega melt down

6. Being at work alone

Of course i love them both, but boy school is a game changer. Its enabled me to start the NatWest Accelerator programme, where i attend Birmingham weekly or twice a week for business support, workshops and coaching. I can have meetings in peace and i work so much faster without the girls with me. 

Plus they are having endless fun at school!



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