Heres a catch up - its been a while - Happy New Year

Heres a catch up - its been a while - Happy New Year

Heya everyone, it has been a while! 

The business has been so busy on the run up to Christmas that I have neglected what i set out to do in this blog!

So whats been happening in mum life...

Not long after my first blog post we caught a little break to Butlins! 

I absolutely love it there, and it was our second visit to Minehead.


Niamh loves everything about it, and the best part is because all the entertainment is included in the price, if you have a meal plan then you barely spend anything!


In early November I managed to injure my back. So badly that i required paramedics to help me out of bed as I was in excruciating pain and unable to move. The paramedics were amazing, Aubrey was screaming as she had a temp from her 16 week injections the day before and I was so upset I couldn't hold her. 

They gave me gas and air, with a mix of pain killers and managed to get me moving, off to the walk in centre i popped for some strong stuff! 

The reality of what my body has been through since falling pregnant in Nov 2018 dawned on me. Im a full time mom, working 40-50 hour weeks. I went back to working when Aubrey was 5 days old and I didn't give my body any time to heal. Unfortunately i can't turn back the clock, at the time the prospect of losing everything I had built from January 2017 was the driving force to make me work harder.

I shortly had an MRI scan which revealed I have a slipped disc in my lower back, pushing on my nerves, ouch! - off i pop with a referral to the back specialist!

What i didn't expect them to find was a complex cyst on my right ovary. This was a shock, and a worry. Of course there wasn't much the GP could say to me, and referred me for an emergency ultrasound to find out exactly what it was. 

I am a very lucky lady, as they cyst is a common one which isn't a concern, but for 5 days every time i held Aubrey or Niamh i found myself in tears thinking the worst. 


The run up too Christmas was insane in work and life! 

I exhibited at the Baby to Toddler Show, NEC Birmingham for the second year running. Its an amazing show, I get to meet so many wonderful families, but this year was hard for me. Even though i only have to travel 30 minutes to the exhibition it was 2 and a half days away from Aubrey and Niamh. 

Now Niamhs older it doesn't hurt so much - yes i love her dearly but a couple of hours lets my ears recover. Aubrey was only three months old, I found myself getting teary even talking about her to customers! 

My beautiful stand at the Baby to Toddler Show

The show was a huge success, and I had some amazing feedback! - 2020 is already booked! 

Along with exhibiting at the show, one live market on FaceBook and a winter sale event, we were churning out Christmas stockings like there was no tomorrow! 

These were a joy to make, and i'm so please so many people liked them enough to buy one. 

I had promised myself that I would take some time off over Christmas. Working in the day has been getting so much harder as Aubrey is getting older, and i find myself losing patience with Niamh. Balancing work and life when you work at home is the hardest! I'm yet to master it if i'm totally honest, two years in and i still feel like someones suffering. Of course the positives are amazing and my business is my third baby - even though it actually demands more attention than the other two kids! 


Christmas was wonderful, we had an amazing Christmas dinner at Miller & Carter - yum! The girls were spoilt and it was lovely not to think about work - even though I was still active on social media the sewing machines stayed off for nearly two weeks!!!!!  


So we have seen 2019 out of the door!  - what a year it has been!

In 2019 alone ...

  • I have packed and sent over 1000 orders
  • Exhibited at three National Exhibitons
  • Featured in the iconic Tatler Magazine
  • Featured in the last ever Thomas Cook in flight magazine!
  • Won an award for the Best Handmade Baby Product - West Midlands
  • Shortlisted for MadeForMums 2020 Awards - Best Changing Accessory - eeeek! Roll on April!
  • Ran two massively successful Pre-Orders and three fantastic LIVE Market Nights

Ive lost count of how many products me and mum have made this year, based on the amount of packages we've sent i'm estimating somewhere between two and three thousand.

Somehow i managed to graduate from my three year degree, with a First Class Honours and have a baby!

Im astounded at the level of support i receive from my followers & customers who return time and time again - so Thank you!

I you've made it this far then your amazing! 

I promise ill update more often


Happy New Year - Enjoy 2020!!

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