Scaling back Niamhs Neverland  - 2022 sucks!

Scaling back Niamhs Neverland - 2022 sucks!

This week has been the hardest of my business life so far. Coming to the decision that we need to scale back Niamhs Neverland to save it!

This means that I will be moving the business back home, from our 800 sqft office space into my conservatory. 

There will be just me and mum working on processing orders, making stock and clothing too!

To help us speed up the process we feel that a CO2 laser cutter would be ideal for cutting all the pieces of fabric needed to make all your beautiful products. 


For 5 years we have cut everything by hand, using a rotary blade and wooden templates, but its time to advance our technology!

The laser pushes out CO2 gas that cuts perfectly through multiple layers of fabric. This means we can cut 5 -10 Nappy Wallets at once, in about 2 minutes!

It also means there are lots of opportunities for us to design and make new products much more easily. 

We have one problem... funding. 

We are scaling back due to being unable to afford rent, bills and wages so at the moment there is no spare money to buy the equipment.

Thats why were asking you to support us. We have never ever needed help this much. Pleas help us keep running. 


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