What about the husbands? - how being a WAHM effects the dynamic.

We've been together 15 years this year, married 5 years, two beautiful girls, plenty of jobs, cats, dogs, rabbits, fish.... you get it ? 
We've been through ALOT!
When we had Niamh I was on maternity from my NHS job. Everything's new, first time parents petrified of doing something wrong, making sure there perfect.
With the second the goal is just to keep them alive, right? 
Im lucky if  I shower once a week. During nap times I have to choose between, eating, going to the toilet, putting some washing on or working - working always wins by the way. Generally im smelly and starving - still not sure how he loves me. 
He does love me I know that for sure - but... its difficult being a WAHM. 
My priority list is ..
  • Keeping the girls, fed, clean & happy
  • Work
  • Keeping myself fed
  • Housework
As you can see the last item generally gets left out alot! Theres no glamorous WAHM house! If there is then please show me. My house is clean, and kind of tidy but its no show home. 
Im at home all day, Mart's at work all day, of course me being at home should mean things are ship shape - however managing a business throws all this on its head. 
Im lucky, with a little nudge Martin will pick up what i can't, but i feel guilty about asking. Then i think... if i was in a full time job i wouldn't even be at home to do the jobs so they would get left anyway!
What i'm trying to say is we have to work at it! Yes i get annoyed, i get annoyed i miss playing with him and the girls on a weekend because i'm working, and this is the time when i can work efficiently with Mart at home. 
I get annoyed that sometimes when i'm working i feel guilty that I haven't done certain jobs, but there just isn't enough hours in the day!
he gets annoyed i'm working, working evenings (every evening) weekends, even when were away. I hear you say... just take some time off? I wish it was that easy! In the era of social media, which my business heavily relies on - in fact i wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for FaceBook- if you drop the ball you get penalised. By this i mean that i must be active daily, networking, speaking to customers, posting and encouraging engagement, or i drop off peoples feeds never to be seen again! 
So .. its a work in progress! ... ill keep working, and trying to find a way to balance life - if thats even possible :)
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