When a mum needs an extra 10 hands...

When a mum needs an extra 10 hands...

Im not going to lie, having baby number two was much more of a shock than baby number one!

Possibly because I started working again when Aubrey was 5 days old, not having much maternity leave meant that I have had to learn to juggle a-lot of things. 

Niamh started Nursery early September so my days are nothing like they used to be and its taken a good few weeks to feel like we've got a routine.

Sometimes its the smallest things that make a difference, for example me learning to rock Aubreys chair and sew at the same time!



 As with any mum with a small baby my days revolve around Aubreys feeding routine. Id like to say sleeping too.. but this baby doesn't sleep! We get 30 minute naps two or three times a day - which isn't great for getting any kind of work done!

Life's changed much more than i expected having baby number two. Maybe because i'm working at the same rate i was before having Aubrey .. i think in time I will adjust (i hope so!...)


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