Collection: Bags


Clean and Dirty Bags

Amazing range of prints with a waterproof inner.

Perfect for literally everything;

  • Dirty / soiled clothes when a baby and potty training
  • Swimwear – wet and dry!
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Snacks

Available in four sizes  - here are examples of what you could put inside

Mini Bag 15x 15cm - Medicines, Dummies, Teethers, Snacks 


Midi Bag 15 x 30cm - Inhaler & Spacer, Weaning Food & Spoons, Bananas, Toothbrushes, Reusable Straws



Maxi Bag 30 x 30cm  - Spare clothes, Shoes, Reusable Nappies, Toys, Swimming Kits


Mega Bag 50 x 30cm  - Larger items, Multiple Swimming Kits, Wellies


Just choose your design then select your size from the drop down menu!


Maxi & Mega bags come with a strap attache to clip onto the pushchair or bag.