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Welcome to our collection of Nappy Wallets

Nappy Wallet- (17 x 25cm when closed) Holds 4-5 disposable nappies, wipes, creams, changing mat & more! it also has a clip for the pushchair or to hold a dummy / teether toy.

XL Nappy Wallet - Our larger Nappy Wallet is 30x30cm when closed and is perfect for holding your reusable nappies or more than 10 disposable nappies. Plus you will fit in many extras - wipes, creams, change of clothes, changing mat ... the list goes on! It has a removable wet bag too!

Potty Wallet - Our iconic Nappy Wallet with a clip in Maxi Bag. its perfect for holding pull ups, spare clothes, wipes and the washable bag is perfect for any accidents.